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What We Talk About

Our in-depth interviews with the authors let readers get even closer to the short stories.

Learn how the authors found inspiration to write, how the story transformed through revisions, and what or who influences them as writers.

Every conversation is unscripted and unique, so each one is a journey of delightful discovery for readers.

Hand-drawn Illustrations

Accompanying every short story is a hand-drawn illustration from a talented artist.

The drawings are prominently featured and large-scale so every detail can be appreciated.

Mesmerizing and imaginative, the drawings will enchant and augment your reading experience.


Story Statshot

There's a lot of work that goes into one little short story.

Accompanying each story are at-a-glance facts on the number of drafts, rejections, months and years the writer endured to craft and publish the short story.

It just might make you appreciate the art of writing that much more.


We love authentic poetry and introspective nonfiction.

From established to emerging writers, we love featuring diverse voices that fully embrace the prose and poetry forms.

Discover 3-6 new, unpublished works of poetry and nonfiction in every issue.




Every writer knows the feeling of a decline letter or email. But that doesn't mean it's the end of the line.

Decline/Accept features stories that Carve declined but were published elsewhere. Read excerpts of the story and editorial comments from both magazines.

You'll hear from the authors too, as they explain how they initially reacted to the decline and what kept them moving forward.

One to Watch

We're keeping watch so you don't have to.

Enjoy this feature that highlights organizations contributing to the literary community, writing contests, and past Carve authors poised to make a break-out book debut.

Past features have showcased John Henry Fleming, Leesa Cross-Smith, and the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities' Pen 2 Paper writing contest. 



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